Marijuana – a solution to make the children’s home more pleasant

In the southern Pilsen region, four 13-year-old inmates of a children’s home in Nepomuk made their stay there more pleasant by smoking marijuana regularly for several months.

One of them bought the drug every week in town from an unknown man and used it to roll cigarettes for himself and his friends. Police officers have been investigating the case as a criminal offense of illicit production and another disposal of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. They have now shelved the case due to the young age of the perpetrator.

However, the leading actor who bought the marijuana will go to court as a child offender. In cases where a person under the age of 15 commits a crime, the law allows the prosecutor to petition the court to impose an educational measure. This may include protective education in extreme cases where the minor is placed in a strictly regulated institutional facility. “In this case, we will file such a motion,” Jiřina Vítovcová, the head of the Klatovy prosecutor’s office, confirmed.

The four boys indulged in drug addiction from August 2020 to April of the following year. The young men admitted that they bought one gram of marijuana from an unknown man for 150 crowns at least once a week. He packed two joints, which he and his friends smoked.

The director didn’t want to talk

The director of the children’s home, Roman Suda, did not want to comment on the matter. “I am not aware that the police have closed the investigation yet,” Suda said. He mentioned children in families, or similar institutions also have drug problems.