Massive Truck Accident Blocks D1 Highway for Over Nine Hours

Policie ČR

A major accident involving several trucks blocked the D1 highway near Humpolec for over nine hours on Tuesday after 23:00. The collision happened at approximately the 90th kilometer in both directions. One of the drivers was killed in the accident, and two other people were injured. The D1 Highway near Humpolec remains impassable towards Prague.

The accident occurred shortly after 23:00 on the 90th kilometer of the highway. After midnight, an exit from the road was made passable. “The police began to pull vehicles on exit 90, and vehicles returned to the highway at the same place on the entrance to the 90th km towards Prague,” the police said. A towing service was still clearing the aftermath of the accident, and police were rerouting traffic through the exit and entrance to the highway in the morning.

This accident comes amidst similar incidents due to heavy snowfall and icy conditions, complicating transport throughout the Czech Republic. Drivers are advised to choose alternate routes, but some lower-class roads in Vysočina are challenging to navigate due to the snow.

On Tuesday evening, two trucks collided on the D1 near Větrný Jeníkov in Jihlava, at the 104th kilometer of the highway. Trucks had problems elsewhere in Vysočina due to the snow.

The weather also caused difficulties for railways and buses, with several getting stuck on snow-covered roads. The situation in the streets in the region has now stabilized. However, caution is still advised, especially on lower-class roads where a layer of snow is covered with grit.