Meteorologists Warn That Mighty Storms Are On Their Way. The Weather Will Cool Down.

A storm warning is still in force after another storm in the Czech Republic. On Friday, the rain will take place all over the country. Intense storms are expected, especially in Moravia and Silesia, according to forecasters. However, as the weekend approaches, the weather will cool significantly. According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s website, this is the case. 

On Friday, the weather will be cloudy to overcast, with showers or rain expected for most of the region, according to meteorologists. Extremely severe thunderstorms, on the other hand, may occur in some areas. Thunderstorms are expected, particularly in Moravia and Silesia. In the evening, the precipitation will begin to decrease gradually. During the day, temperatures will range from 19 to 24 °C, with highs of 29 °C in the southeast and east. 

At the same time, meteorologists are warning of stronger winds in storms. More rain is expected later next week. 

We may expect partly overcast to cloudy weather on Saturday. Showers will only happen on an irregular basis. In the morning, fog may form in some areas. Highs will range from 23 to 27°C during the day, with light west to northwest breezes shifting to the northeast. 

It will be partly overcast to clear on Sunday. Showers and thunderstorms are likely to return. Highs in the south-east will reach 26 °C, with highs in the south-east reaching 29 °C. Weather forecasters predict similar conditions for the coming week.