Intensive Care Was Necessary For One-Fifth of Patients Hospitalized With Covid

One-fifth of the covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals this year required intensive care. In hospitals, more than 78,000 patients were infected, with 16,600 of them in intensive care units (ICUs). 

Today’s NHS Open conference was led by Vladimír Černý. The former deputy health minister oversaw the national intensive care dispatch center. He said that the statistics never showed a case in which a patient was denied access to the bed they needed. During peak times, however, some hospitals in the regions recorded such incidents. 

Currently, he noted, the hospitalization of people with covid-19 does not affect the delivery of other health services, with a few exceptions. He also stated that the transmission of the more contagious delta version is not a concern. “It appears that the number of patients in the intensive care unit is not increasing, even though the number of new cases is increasing,” he stated. 

The dispatching system is currently in “stand-by” mode, with hospitals sending data once a week. However, according to Černý, there is little discipline. Even during the surge’s peak, the system experienced reporting bed mistakes, which were sometimes deliberate. “There were some inconsistencies between the claimed beds and the actual beds. Some hospitals failed to report beds that were closed owing to staff shortages, and they were unable to notify insurance companies so that they might be reimbursed, “he started. He also came across instances where hospitals attempted to hide unoccupied beds. As a result, in the future, the system should be as automated as possible and continue to function normally if intensive care becomes overburdened anywhere. 

More than 350 patients have been relocated thanks to the dispatcher who monitored the capacity of the intensive care units, according to 

Petr Šnajdárek, the chairman of the central management team. “It has never been demonstrated that a patient could not be placed in a sufficient bed at any point during the pandemic. At least, that’s what the dispatch center’s hard data says, “Černý said. 

For example, the Karlovy Vary Region has been advocating for this since January. Still, it wasn’t until March that there were about 9 500 patients with covid-19 in Czech hospitals at any given moment. Černý wanted to reach out to the international community at a time when domestic capacity would be at 90 percent of capacity; the administration ultimately did so in early March.