More Than 77,000 People Aged 16 to 29 Have Signed Up For the Vaccine

Since midnight, 77,427 people aged 16 to 29 have signed up for the coronavirus vaccine. This morning, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) confirmed on Twitter. According to data, the Czech Republic has roughly 1.485 million young individuals in this age range. 

The vaccination against the new strain of coronavirus began in late December, and people were able to sign up for it in stages based on their age. Health officials in the Czech Republic have given out almost 5.5 million doses of one of four vaccines. Nearly 1.6 million people have received their complete vaccination. 

Prime Minister Babiš said on Sunday that all people aged 16 and up would get vaccinated. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has also been licensed for use in people aged 12 and up by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Over the weekend, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) predicted that the government would start vaccinating children aged 12 and up in the second half of the summer at the latest. “However, I believe the interest of the 16+ generation will determine it,” he stated. Vojtěch invited people to sign up for the immunization in a tweet today. He said, “It’s time to get back to normal.” 

People began signing up for the vaccine in stages according to their age, and this will affect the level of enthusiasm and immunization among various groups. Vaccination started in mid-January for those in their eighties and in early March for those in their nineties. The proportion of registered drops with each different age group. Around half of adults in their forties are interested in vaccinations. People aged 30 to 34 have been the last group for which registration has been open since May 26.