Camping Without Restrictions in Czechia. What You Should Know…

This year, there will be no limit on the number of people who can attend summer camps. All participants will be asked to show documentation of a negative covid-19 test in advance. Masks will be worn when leaving the campgrounds and going out in public, as required by existing policies. This is in response to the Ministry of Health’s announcement of cleanliness and anti-epidemic efforts to secure the summer recreation season for children. According to the Czech Council for Children and Youth, the circumstances are gentler than last year, although the ministry issued them late.

Because of the pandemic last year, summer camps may only be organized for a maximum of 500 people at a time, and 100 for tent camps, starting on June 27. The Scouts, Pioneers, Firefighters, and Tommies typically have a maximum of 150 people at their centers. Children, after all, were not required to wear veils. Disinfectant, soap, and running water have to be available at all times in the camps. Kitchen personnel needed their sanitary facilities, and a location in the center had to be set aside for the prospective isolation of youngsters suspected of being infected. In May, the Ministry released a guidebook with guidelines for how to organize the camps. 

The Ministry’s current actions are similar to those taken last year, but there will be no limit on the number of people who can participate. The main focus, according to the government, will be on the entry health filter for children and other event participants. The Ministry didn’t say whether a PCR test was required or if a less accurate antigen test would suffice. They also mentioned that health surveillance at the event and keeping medical records would be crucial. 

The camps will be four hours apart this year, up from eight hours last year. Children will not be able to engage in camp clean-up this year due to the outbreak. Children can only assist in the preparation of food before it is cooked, according to the rule. They can help with all aspects of cooking for gatherings of up to 50 people. The Ministry has recommended limiting visits to swimming pools, castles, and chateaux, as well as journeys to towns, as it did last year. 

In Bohemia, camping has a long history. The first Scout camps were created in the United States around 1861, and the first Scout camp was held in Lipnice nad Sázavou in 1912, inspired by the American model. This year’s summer vacation will begin on Thursday, July 1, and will end on Tuesday, August 31.