Nearly 400 internet domains are blocked in the Czech Republic

The CZ.NIC association, the administrator of Czech domains with the CZ ending, started publishing a list of blocked websites this spring. After less than eight months, the list includes almost 400 domain names blocked for various reasons.

“The purpose of publishing this list is to increase the transparency of domain name removal from the DNS. The list of domains that are unsuitable for various reasons will be regularly updated, and those interested will find not only these records but also the reasons why the blocking occurred,” said Ondřej Filip, executive director of the CZ.NIC association, at the launch of the service.

At that time, 760 domain names were blocked, but this week it was only 374. All of them can be viewed directly on the CZ.NIC website.

The reason for the blocking can be the filling in of incorrect data about the domain name holder. Still, it can also be caused by a decision of law enforcement authorities or a court or based on Article 17 of the domain name registration rules.

Sites exploited by hackers

The vast majority of Czech domains are currently blocked due to incorrect data from the holder or failure to provide a representative. Dozens of other parts are blocked based on decisions by law enforcement authorities.

Only 13 domains are currently blocked under Article 17 of the Registration Rules. This means that these are domains where from CZ.NIC’s point of view, there is a violation of national or international computer security.

After the invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces at the end of February, domestic disinformation websites that spread Russian propaganda were blocked under this article – for example,,,,,,, and

However, these are currently the domains through which fraudulent offers were spread and which were used in phishing attacks.