Thousands of single mothers can’t afford gifts

Nearly 70 percent of single mothers will not be baking cookies this year for financial reasons. More than 95 percent plan to spend less than usual on gifts, and more than a third can pay no more than CZK 500. According to a survey conducted by the Fandi Mums charity project.

According to another survey conducted by the Single Mothers’ Club, only a fifth of single parents have money saved up for Christmas presents for their children, and nine out of ten will only be able to fulfill their children’s Christmas wishes partially or not at all.

Almost 28 percent of single mothers’ family budgets go on utilities and 53 percent on food. Nearly a quarter of them have taken on extra work, a third have applied for additional social benefits, and more than a fifth have had to borrow.

The worst thing was the rapid increase in food, drugs, and other goods and services, with the cost of cooking and essentials alone increasing by 150 to 200 percent.

About 200,000 incomplete families in the Czech Republic, 90 percent of whom are single mothers.