Negative Covid-19 tests are required for visiting restaurant terraces

On Monday (May 10th), the government decided that catering establishments would be allowed to open terraces from 17th of May. However, there will be certain conditions such as: a maximum of four people at the same table, if they are not members of the same family. The distance between the tables must be at least 1.5 meters. The tables also should be at the same distance from passers-by, in case, if they are not separated from the sidewalk by a barrier.

Guests will be required to show a negative coronavirus test upon entering. They can use any type of test, such as from a sampling center, work or home rapid test. Nevertheless, according to restaurateurs, it is very difficult to control tests and regulate the movement of guests, since the terraces have several entrances and people can access them freely.

Moreover, only 70% of food businesses are likely to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and related government measures. A quarter of companies have already closed, and at least another five percent is in direct danger. The drop-in sales in the food industry for the entire crisis is more than 100 billion Czech crowns, that is, about 57 percent.

In addition, the government had strictly restricted food services on December 18th. Since then, restaurants have only been able to sell foods through pick-up windows or through delivery services.