On Sunday, 381 cases of coronavirus infection were identified in the Czech Republic

Laboratories in the Czech Republic on Sunday confirmed 381 new cases of COVID-19. This was the lowest daily gain since last August. However, on weekends, infections are usually lower because fewer people are being tested. On Sunday, paramedics vaccinated 24,819 people against the coronavirus, which is about 4,000 more than a week ago.

Among other things, vaccination against coronavirus should help control the epidemic. Currently, 3,654,376 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the Czech Republic, and 1.058 million people are fully vaccinated. Paramedics vaccinated more than 30,000 people on Saturday and nearly 25,000 on Sunday. Compared to last weekend, the number of vaccinated people has increased. 

The most tragic epidemic in terms of deaths from coronavirus in more than a year occurred in March (2021), almost 6,000 people died from infection. A reverence for the victims of the covid-19 pandemic will take place today (May 10th) at Prague Castle. Nearly 30,000 candles are burning in the courtyards. The first candle will be lit by President MiloŇ° Zeman.