New Service Allows Easy Shipping of Packages to Ukraine

Vít Hassan

Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic can now easily send packages home to Ukraine or receive them from there. The new service, offered by Nova Post, allows users to send or receive packets, parcels, and cargo weighing up to 1,000 kilograms.

According to a press release from Nova Post, the Czech Republic has become the fourth EU country to offer this service to Ukrainians, after Poland, Lithuania, and Moldova. The branch is located on Pod Višňovkou Street in Prague 4, allowing users to send postal items, packages, and cargo easily.

“We have expertise in delivery speed, many years of experience in cross-border parcel services, and the latest equipment we offer our customers. We will deliver any goods from anywhere in the world to the Czech Republic in the shortest possible time and facilitate the entry of Czech companies into the Ukrainian consumer market, where more than 30 million customers are waiting for them. This year we will open additional Nova Post branches in Prague and Brno and invest 3 million CZK in the development of the company in the Czech Republic,” said Vyacheslav Klymov, co-owner of the Nova Post group.

Beneficial Cooperation Between Ukrainian and Czech Companies

Vitaliy Usatyi, head of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic, attended the opening of the Prague branch. He tried the service himself and sent a postcard to Ukraine.

“Since February 24, 2022, we have been witnessing events that we perceive as the biggest crisis in the history of Europe in the 21st century. The invasion has caused extraordinary economic changes, and despite daily challenges, the Ukrainian business demonstrates remarkable adaptability, resilience, and invincibility.

Nova Post is an example of a successful private enterprise. The company continues to deliver to the occupied areas of Ukraine and the front line, as well as abroad. I am convinced that the professional work of Nova Post’s specialists will help establish mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukrainian and Czech companies and attract investments for the rapid recovery of Ukraine. The expansion of Nova Post’s scope of operations in the EU confirms the competitiveness of Ukrainian business in providing quality services at world standards,” said Vitaliy Usatyi.

The branch is open daily, and shipments are promised to be delivered within five working days. The delivery fee is determined by weight, with documents sent to Ukraine costing CZK 250 and light packages up to 2 kilograms costing CZK 300. A box of up to 10 kg costs CZK 450, and up to 30 kg costs CZK 750. For larger shipments weighing from 31 to 1,000 kilograms, each kilogram costs CZK 25.

Nova Post’s website indicates that it is possible to send, for example, food in factory packaging, cosmetics, cleaning products, products with a manufacturer’s name and composition, new accumulators, batteries or battery packs, unsecured USB flash disks, or dietary supplements. However, sending dangerous goods such as weapons, flammable liquids, gases, deodorants, works of art, animal-derived foods, jewelry and precious metals, medicines, and vitamins, or commercial shipments of goods containing more than three identical items is impossible.

Nova Post employees speak Czech and Ukrainian, and users can choose whether the shipment will be delivered by courier directly to their address, to a post office, or a Nova Post branch. Once the package arrives, the sender will be informed via Viber, SMS, or a mobile application.

Shipping to Ukraine is also offered by Zásilkovna, with two local companies, Meest and Nova Poshta, offering this service at a comparable price. However, sending packages weighing up to 10 kilograms is only possible.