Okay Customers: The goods did not arrive, and the money vanished


They didn’t deliver the goods, and they don’t refund the money on time when you cancel the order. That’s how you could sum up hundreds of customer complaints about the e-shop Okay and Jena – furniture from the same group. Recently, such complaints have been increasing.

It is not a small shop, but one of the most significant Czech e-shops, regularly attracting customers to buy from it in TV commercials. It claims this about itself on its website as well. 

Okay, s. r. o., had revenues of CZK 5.2 billion in 2020, according to its annual report, and operates more than 130 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in addition to its e-shops, according to its website.

Inspectorate’s interest

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (ČOI) has been interested in the company. “We have received more than a hundred submissions against Okay since autumn last year throughout the whole of the CTIA, and they mostly concern the failure to meet the declared deadline for delivery of the product or the failure to return the money. In several cases, we qualified this as an unfair commercial practice, ” Jiří Fröhlich, spokesman for the CTIA, said.

The inspectorate carried out more than 20 inspections last year, and another inspection is underway. The number of complaints against the company has been growing rapidly recently, according to dTest director Eduarda Hekšová.

“In the case of Okay, s.r.o., many dissatisfied consumers have contacted us in recent days. For comparison, while dTest’s consumer advisory service registered more than a hundred complaints against the company in the whole of last year, 124 complaints were received in the last week alone,” Hekšová mentioned.

Consumers most often complain about undelivered goods, incomplete goods, non-delivery, non-delivery, and non-refund of money. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the consumer has the option of turning to out-of-court dispute resolution through the CTIA’s alternative to court proceedings.