The government discusses further loosening of coronavirus restrictions

While the requirement to show a COVID certificate when entering restaurants or events will end on Thursday, February 10, the number of attendees at significant events may increase to 500, with seated spectators reaching 1,500.

From February 19 to February 28, the maximum number of participants in events will increase to 500 from the current 100. The number of seated spectators will be increased by 50%. The seated spectator policy applies to art performances, sports matches, congresses, and educational events. Other mass events include social, cultural, sporting, traditional, and similar events or festivals.

Testing will not end everywhere

Compulsory testing in businesses will also end on Friday, February 18. However, on Wednesday, February 18ed that some health and social care facilities would be exempt. Universal testing for COVID will continue, but only for people who have not contracted the disease and have not been vaccinated.

The Cabinet of Prime Minister Petro Fiala (ODS) has been gradually easing COVID restrictions in recent weeks, so it can be expected that most of the existing ones will end soon. On the other hand, the obligation to wear respiratory protection, i.e., masks and respirators, will remain indoors and on public transport.