Over a thousand legionnaires march through Prague

The Legionnaires commemorate the centenary of their founding. In the morning, about a thousand current members, war veterans, and their descendants will march through the center of Prague. At noon, a historic march will take place.

The Czechoslovak Legionary Community is the oldest veterans’ organization in the Czech Republic. It was founded on 22 May 1921 as a unifying organization of Czechoslovak Legionnaires. They fought for establishing the Czechoslovak Republic on the Western and Eastern Fronts and in Russia during World War I. The first significant action of the legionnaires, which was Legion Day, took place on 4 September 1921.

“In its hundred-year history, the Czechoslovak Legionnaires’ Community has never lost its fateful connection with the Republic, as its members have always been ready to defend freedom, democracy, and humanism,” said Pavel Budinský, the chairman of the community.

Currently, the Legionary Community has over four thousand members. They include modern war veterans or those interested in military history. However, anyone can join. Saturday’s congress follows similar events from the time of the First Republic.

It includes a parade through the center of Prague. Members will march from Wenceslas Square to the National Memorial at Vítkov, where a ceremonial entry will occur at noon. There will also be historical legion camps on display at Vítkov, and young legionnaires will demonstrate uniforms, equipment, and training.