A man collapsed on a catenary at the height of 10 meters in the Karviná region

Firefighters and rescuers in the Karviná region have had an unusual intervention. In Petrovice, a worker collapsed on a catenary structure. Firefighters had to rescue him from the heights. The man died despite the quick intervention of rescuers.

The incident occurred at 11 a.m. on Friday. “The thirty-six-year-old man fell suddenly unconscious while working on the catwalk structure, at the height of ten meters. His colleague started to provide first aid to the injured man. The patient had to be rescued by the called firefighters after the power line was switched off, ” Lukáš Humpl, a spokesman for the ambulance service, said on Saturday morning.

The man was in a state of failure of all vital functions. The ambulance crew helped him with the help of instrumentation, including defibrillation discharges.

“However, even efforts lasting tens of minutes did not lead to success, and the doctor eventually had to declare death,” Humpl said.