Prague Airport to Replace X-ray Machines with Advanced Technology for Seamless Security Checks

Prague airport will gradually replace the X-ray machines used at security checks from next year. According to a press release by airport spokesperson Klára Divíšková, the new equipment will allow passengers to keep their electronic devices inside their luggage, eliminating the current need to remove them. The upgrade will also lift the current restrictions on the number of liquids passengers can bring.

The replacement will only affect the airport’s Terminal 2, which handles flights to Schengen countries. The airport management expects to complete the upgrade by 2026. With this change, passengers can expect a more comfortable and seamless experience when passing through security checkpoints.

The new X-ray machines will feature computer tomography technology, allowing all liquids and electronic devices to remain inside the luggage. Passengers will no longer have to declare liquids or be restricted to the 100 ml limit imposed since 2006. This restriction was implemented following a plot to blow up transatlantic flights using liquid explosives.

Although the upgrade only applies to Terminal 2, the airport has tried to improve the passenger experience in Terminal 1. As the first terminal cannot accommodate the new X-ray machines, it has installed restrooms and drinking fountains in selected waiting areas.

Passengers flying from Prague airport will welcome the upgrade as it will simplify the screening process and improve the overall experience. Travelers will no longer have to worry about the restrictions imposed on liquids, giving them more flexibility in packing. Passengers can also keep their electronic devices within their luggage, eliminating the need for extra handling and the risk of damage or loss.

In addition to this upgrade, Prague Airport has improved its services by introducing new flights to and from various destinations. Korean Air, for instance, recently resumed direct flights between Prague and Seoul. The new route will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, providing more excellent connectivity for passengers traveling to and from Asia.