Pekarová Adamová might be the head of the Chamber of Deputies

Jan Handrejch

Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the head of TOP 09, will most likely lead the Chamber of Deputies in the upcoming term of office. Representatives of the SPOLU and PirSTAN coalition have agreed on this. The coalition wants to offer the ANO movement, as the largest party in the lower house, two vice-chair positions. The SPD should not have any seats in the leadership of the lower house.

“The candidate for the position of Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies will be the chair of TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová. We have chosen her because she is an excellent and worthy repeater. She has experience in the Chamber of Deputies,” said the leader of the SPOLU coalition and future Prime Minister, Petr Fiala (ODS).

The nomination was agreed upon by the SPOLU coalition, the Pirates, and the Mayors at a meeting on Tuesday. “She will be a symbol of the change in the leadership of the House of Commons. After the stumbles of the current chairman, this post would be well deserved,” added Vít Rakušan, chairman of the Mayors.

The coalitions also agreed that each of the future governing parties should have one seat in the House leadership. “We will offer two seats to the deputy chairmen of the ANO movement, as the largest club in the lower house,” Fiala said, adding that the coalitions want to respect proportional representation. In total, the new lower house would have six deputy speaker positions.

A seat for the SPD is not envisaged. “If we respect the principles of proportional representation of the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies, and if the ANO movement has two vice-chairs, then the seat for the SPD does not work out,” Fiala explained.

According to the head of TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, they have not yet discussed the coalition offer with the ANO movement. It is not even clear yet who the ANO nominees for the leadership of the lower house of Parliament might be.