People Are Reporting Twice As Many Covid-19 Contacts To Health Officials As They Did In March

According to the most recent Smart Quarantine report, 0.8 contacts were reported at the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in March. Approximately 2,000 people were involved in tracing at the time, and roughly 300 people are participating now.

More than 35,000 positive tests and their contacts were contacted by health officials at the height of the outbreak. There were around 17,000 positive instances as well. According to the most recent Smart Quarantine data, four hundred thirty people had recently tested positive as of Thursday, June 3. On that particular day, hygienists dealt with 473 positive cases and 940 dangerous encounters. 83 sanitation personnel and 184 call center employees were among those who contacted these people.

Last Monday, the Interdisciplinary Group on Epidemic Situations (MeSES) recommended tracing in addition to testing as the final anti-epidemic strategy. “Targeted testing should eventually take the place of general testing, but we are not yet in a position where tracing is advantageous. Blanket testing must be phased out in favor of functional-focused testing and effective tracer testing, “they added.

People who have been quarantined after coming into touch with infected people or who have been isolated with covid-19 are paid 60% of their average salary. This may be a reason for some people to avoid the test or quarantine. As a result, they have been given an extra allowance of CZK 370 per day since March. It is paid by the employer and taken from the employer’s social security contributions.