Babis Is Not A Fan Of Tourists

In response to the Supreme Administrative Court’s (SAC) decision, which reminded the government that coronavirus measures must be in accordance with the law, Babis claimed on Radiournál on Friday that “the court has loosened almost everything,” which is not true because the court only annulled the illegal measures set forth by the government.

“We can’t afford Techtle Mechtle again,” Babis said, referring to the outbreak’s spread at a Prague club last summer.

“I understand that people are upset that bars are open and there is no music allowed, but we didn’t want to open those bars so that foreigners from all over Europe would come here to drink again,” the prime minister said, referring to a measure that allows the establishment of music clubs or discos to open but prohibits live music and dancing.

Tourism contributes several percent of domestic GDP and generates hundreds of billions of crowns for the economy.

While the government prioritizes Czechs’ vacations, the resumption of tourism to the Czech Republic, which is eagerly anticipated not only by hotel, bar, and restaurant operators but also by spa resorts, is on the back burner.