People over 40 can register for Covid vaccination from Monday

From midnight on Sunday, people aged 40 to 44 will be able to register for covid-19 vaccination. After that, the possibility of vaccination will be open to all people over 16 years of age. People over 45 can now be vaccinated. The age group 45 to 49 was opened this week on Tuesday night. According to the Ministry of Health, about 150,000 people of this age received vaccinations in two days.

Vaccine for children

The United States decided this week that children aged 12 to 15 can also receive the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Until now, it was intended only for those over 16 years of age. Babiš assumes that a similar decision will soon be made at the European level.

Vaccines in the Czech Republic started to be administered at the end of December last year. By Wednesday evening, medics had given over 3.9 million doses A total of about 1.09 million people have been fully vaccinated. For three of the four vaccines used in the Czech Republic, two doses must be given.