Pirates Are Suing Babiš For Statements About Migrants

The pirates sued Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. They want him to apologize for his statements on Twitter.

“Mr. Babiš wrote a lie on the social network that we intend to move migrants into people’s flats or tax excess meters of real estate. Of course, the Pirates do not and never have anything like that in the program, and Mr. Babiš and his colleagues know this very well, ” said the chairman of the Pirates’ parliamentary club, Jakub Michálek.

Babis said he was looking forward to the lawsuit because he would show what the Pirates were doing.

According to Babiš, the Pirates seek to modify the voting system in European councils to a majority vote, which would harm the Czech Republic’s interests and lead to the loss of the country’s sovereignty.

“They are probably coming here for some orders to the European Parliament, which would of course like to lead this country,” Babiš said.

The dispute concerns the following statement by the Prime Minister: “Pirates who want to map flats first, tax excess meters and then move someone there. Preferably a migrant. “