This Weekend Is Warm, But Storms Will Hit Again

It will warm up for the weekend in the Czech Republic, but from Saturday, it is necessary to count on rain and strong thunderstorms. They could hit sporadically on Friday. In the mountains, precipitation will be more frequent during the day. It could clear up again on Sunday afternoon.

“The weather in our country will be influenced by a high-altitude pressure low that will move from Bavaria through the Alps over the Adriatic Sea, where it will fill in,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) informed. 

Gradually, the weather will be influenced by a spur of higher air pressure from the west and later by a weak field of higher air pressure over central Europe.

Friday will be cloudy to partly cloudy, with isolated showers or thunderstorms, which will be more frequent in the mountains. Temperatures will rise to 24 to 28 °C during the day, with around 19 °C at 1,000 meters in the mountains.

Meteorologists expect mostly cloudy skies overnight Saturday, with occasional rain or showers and occasional thunderstorms in the north and northwest. Temperatures will drop to 18-14 °C overnight. During the day, it will be cloudy to overcast, with showers and thunderstorms in most parts of the area. Highs will return to 24-28 °C, with some 23 °C in the southwest.

Rain is expected to continue in most parts of the country on Sunday. It will be cloudy overnight, but the cloud cover and precipitation should diminish towards evening. Night temperatures will reach 18-14 °C, rising to 23-27 °C during the day.