Pirates party ship sunk in national elections

Roman Vondrouš
  • The Pirates party lost 19 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.
  • It is still unknown if Ivan Bartoš will continue in the leadership of the party.
  • Their 4 seats are not necessary for the SPOLU coalition and STAN to form a government.

The coalition with the Mayors did not pay off for the Pirates. STAN will get 33 MPs, while the Pirates manage to secure only four. In the Chamber of Deputies, they will lose 19 seats. They won’t even be needed to form a government because ODS, TOP 09, the People’s Party, and STAN already have a solid majority of 105 MPs, so their seats are unnecessary. They could end up on the losing side. Still, political expert Petr Sokol feels that removing Ivan Bartoš from leadership will not benefit the party.

Following the announcement of the election results, Bartoš stated that possible changes will be considered until the party’s leadership election in January. “In terms of the number of MPs in our coalition, the voters have already spoken, and all we can do now is respect their decision. We will do whatever it takes to guarantee that the Czech Republic has a good and responsible government that our children deserve, “Bartoš wrote on Facebook.

According to political expert Jan Bureš, the big question now is whether the party is even expected to sit in government, which it and STAN are currently negotiating with SPOLU (ODS, TOP 09, and KDU-SL). “The Pirates must first clarify if they want to carry on working with STAN on politics or leave the coalition. If they go into the opposition now, they will have to criticize the government in the Chamber of Deputies, where their electoral partner will be. That wouldn’t be very credible, “he commented.

Among the Pirates, there are also voices calling for MP Olga Richterová, who received the most votes in Prague, to be appointed Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. However, there will be up to five parties in the government, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will be of great significance to them.