Police Are Looking For Sex Offender Who Masturbated in front of Female Victim and Then Attacked Her

Police are looking for a twenty-five-year-old man who masturbated in front of a young woman at the Prague-Smíchov railway station on Monday evening, May 10th, and then harassed and attacked her in a compartment while riding a train. Prague police have now released a video of the suspect and are appealing for the public’s help in identifying the intruder.

A nineteen-year-old high school student noticed a man moving in her immediate vicinity in the Smíchov railway station building. From there, they both came to the platform. 

“The perpetrator boarded a decommissioned train set and started masturbating through the train window in front of the victim “, said police spokesman, Jan Rybanský.

“The criminal found a young woman alone in a car, grabbed her wrist, forcibly lifted her from the seat and forced her against the wall of the compartment. At that moment when the train was arriving at Prague’s main station, the wanted man stopped his harassment and fled the carriage after it stopped “, Rybanský added.

“If you recognize the man in the footage or know where he is, please contact the emergency number 158,” a police spokesman said.