The Czech Republic Is Against the New Food Labeling System

“The Nutri-Score is calculated from only seven parameters, most of which are part of the information on the packaging today. The system does not take into account the content of vitamins and minerals, calcium in dairy products is not taken into account at all. Fries, dumplings, chips, cola drinks with artificial sweeteners or energy drinks and other foods fall into the green, healthiest category, while ham, cheese, olive oil and salmon meat can be found in the red categories, which the consumer should rather avoid. , ” the Food Chamber spokesperson, Helena Kavanová, explained.

The Czech Food Chamber advises against the mandatory implementation of a European food labeling system based on the Nutri-score. The letters A through D, as well as color ranging from green to yellow and red, are used to identify the product on the front of the package. According to the Czech Republic’s Food Chamber, the system’s major flaw is its simplification.

A handful of manufacturers are already using the labels. Some experts believe the system will make it easier for customers to choose healthier foods while also putting pressure on food manufacturers to improve the quality of their products.