Police caught a man from Pilsen who was harassing women

A 48-year-old man from Kralovice in the Pilsen region prepared an unpleasant experience for women. When they were waiting for the bus in the morning, he pulled down his trousers and exposed himself in front of them. Police officers subsequently discovered that there were approximately 50 cases. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the man, and he ended up in a medical facility following an examination.

Police officers from the Kralovice district department received a report of a man showing his genitals at the end of August. “They started working on the case immediately and found out that the act was committed by a 48-year-old man from the northern Pilsen region,” police spokeswoman Eva Červenková said.

Thanks to interrogations, they managed to find other women who the man had harassed. “In almost 50 cases, he exposed his genitals to the women and pleasured himself in front of them. This occurred mostly near a bus stop while waiting for a morning bus in a small village in the northern Pilsen region, ” Červenková added.

Police arrested the man in early September. “A commissioner from the 2nd General Crime Department of the Plzeň-venkov Territorial Department handed him a resolution to initiate criminal proceedings on suspicion of committing the continuing offense of disorderly conduct,” the spokeswoman said. Following an examination, the accused was placed in a medical facility.

Police officers urge all women who find themselves in a similar situation not to be afraid and report the whole matter immediately. “Going through a similar behavior can lead not only to a repetition but also to a worsening of the whole situation,” Červenková appealed.