Police have found the missing girl near Česká Kubice

Patrik Biskup

The missing eight-year-old German girl was found on Tuesday afternoon near Česká Kubice. Police spokeswoman Pavla Burešová subsequently confirmed the information.  According to initial information, the girl’s health situation is good, and she has already been handed over to the care of medical professionals. She spent two nights outside until police managed to find her.

“The girl is currently in the care of paramedics. “She is conscious, cold, and tired with no injuries, and her life is not in danger,” said rescuers’ spokeswoman Mária Svobodová.

The search for an eight-year-old German girl, Julia Sleegers, who went missing in the woods, had been underway in the vicinity of Čerchov in Domažlice since Sunday evening. A helicopter equipped with thermal imaging equipment had joined the search, Czech and German teams, police spokeswoman Veronika Hokrová said. In total, about 200 people were searching for the girl. Police were calling on volunteers to join the action.

Čerchov, the highest peak of the Bohemian Forest, is about 12 kilometers southwest of Domažlice, not far from the town of Klenčí pod Čerchovem or the village of Capartice and about two kilometers from the border with Germany. The surrounding area is forested.

The girl was on a trip with her parents and siblings. They were playing a game together in the woods, and during the late afternoon, the child went missing during this game. “The search operation started shortly after 7 p.m. on Sunday, so people have been looking for the girl for more than 42 hours.

In addition to Czech and German dog handlers with specially trained search-and-rescue dogs, police rescue teams, police academy students, and firefighters were constantly searching for the child. “All available forces and resources are currently deployed in the search operation, and we are searching across the region with maximum effort, “was the last police spokesperson statement before today’s happy ending.