Police Stopped 140 Czech Tourists Returning From Tunisia With Invalid Covid Tests

The police had to stop 140 Czech travelers on their way to Prague from Tunisia on Saturday. Their Covid tests were not accepted by the customs control.

“During the screening of passengers, suspicion arose about the validity of the test result,” said Renáta Grecmanová, a spokesperson for the foreign policy, on Sunday. 

Czech police are questioning whether the travel agency’s doctor was authorized to perform the tests at all.

Apparently, this has been a rare case according to Grecmanová. “This is the first time this has happened, only two or three passengers have been suspected in the past,” the spokeswoman added. As a result, tourists then had to take new tests at the airport.

“Our travel agency apologizes to all clients traveling on the QS2825 flight from Tunisia, who had to deal with a completely non-standard approach of Czech customs officers. We apologize for the delay at the airport, and at the same time, we want to assure you that the tests performed before departure to the Czech Republic are in full compliance with current legislation. We are now finding out the details of this event, which is completely incomprehensible to us, from which we are going to draw the appropriate consequences. Clients affected by this delay will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.”