Video: Unknown Criminal Brutally Attacks a Passenger on Prague’s Metro

Prague police are searching for people who may have witnessed an attack on a man in the Hloubětín Metro station’s escalator. The incident occurred on Friday, May 28th, in the afternoon. The victim had suffered terrible injuries.

On Friday at about 4:15 pm, between the Kolbenova and Hloubětín metro stations, the aggressor suddenly threatened one of the passengers with a physical attack. The man at that time was not alone, but with two children, so he did not respond to the threats. Both were leaving the same metro station, which was started by the police press secretary Violeta Sirzhishneva.

However, the suspect followed him and attacked a man at the escalator of the Hloubětín metro station. First, he knocked him to the ground, then pressed him down and began choking the victim. Passers-by turned off the escalator and began calling for help.

The police released a video showing the attacker and people who were nearby at the time. Police are asking witnesses to call 158 to help locate the perpetrator. Forensic experts are also looking for witnesses who were in the subway car when the man began to threaten the passenger.

The man is accused of crimes related to health harm, disturbance of public order, and dangerous threats. He faces up to three years in prison. Criminal investigators want to take the prosecutor into custody.

Victim displaying the injures after the attack.