Police To Target Prague’s Clubs This Weekend. Test, Vaccination and No Dancing.

Deputy Police President Martin Vondrášek said that police officers would check whether people comply with the government’s epidemiological measures this weekend. The checks are planned mainly in Prague and will affect dozens of places.

“This weekend, especially in Prague, we have several events planned in cooperation with the regional hygiene station. We will be focusing on selected nighttime establishments where the rules need to be followed, ” Vondrášek emphasized.

The police will mainly check whether people have a test, a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of having had a covid in the last 180 days.

Clubs are also not allowed to have more people than there are seats. Only four people can sit at a table. At the same time, guests are not allowed to dance. 

“We will control that,” Vondrášek confirmed. Police would go to several businesses. “In total, it will be dozens,” he said.