Prague Metro Will Run Until Midnight Again

Due to increased demand and the number of people transported on the metro after 20:00, the city decided to extend the metro operation until midnight. Depending on the line and station, the last metro services of the day will depart the city center between 00:02 and 00:08. Due to lower passenger numbers as a result of anti-epidemic actions in the country, metro service has ended around 23:00.

Following the easing of anti-epidemic measures and the lifting of limitations on people’s movement, the number of passengers using the metro in the evening progressively grew. After carrying over 22,700 passengers per day after 20:00 over the metro network in April, the amount increased to over 34,400 passengers per day in May. Metro service was extended till 23:00 on May 10th. Over 36,600 individuals took the metro after 20:00 on average per day the next week and over 51,800 a month later.