Prague residents will pay extra for water next year

Prague residents’ payments for water will increase by six percent year on year to CZK 107.72 per cubic meter next year. The year-on-year increase will be higher for sewerage charges. This is according to a document approved by Prague councilors on Monday. According to its spokesman, Tomáš Mrázek, the company Pražské vodovody a kanalizace (PVK), which is now calculating the final rate, is also counting on a six percent increase.

For the metropolis residents, this means that their monthly water price will increase by about CZK 21 per person, which is CZK 252 per person per year. According to the document, the more significant price increase will be reflected in the sewage fee, which will rise by 10.7 percent to 51.84 crowns per cubic meter. In the case of water charges, the price will be two percent higher, and people will pay CZK 55.88 per cubic meter.

However, the exact amount by which water and sewerage charges will increase may still change. “At the moment we are finalizing the calculations, we expect the price increase to be around six percent. We should have a final figure next week,” said PVK spokesman Mrázek.

According to the material approved by councilors, the increase is due to, among other things, the price of water supplied from Želivka and Káraný, the increase in operating costs of the Prague Water Management Company (PVS) for the newly built infrastructure, or the growth in repair costs.

Water distribution in Prague is the responsibility of PVK, which has leased the water supply network from the municipal company PVS until 2028. The majority owner of PVK is the French company Veolia, and the minority owner is the capital city of Prague. After 2028, when the lease between PVK and PVS expires, the capital will buy the remaining share in PVK and become the sole owner.