Prague Zoo Plans to Raise Admission Fees, But Will Offer Lower Prices for Online Tickets

Prague Zoo plans to increase admission fees for adults buying tickets at the box office from 250 to 330 crowns and for children and students from 200 to 250. However, if people purchase their tickets electronically, the entry fee for children will remain the same as before, while adults will pay 300 crowns. This information comes from a document that Prague councilors are expected to discuss next week, which is available to ČTK.

The increase in admission fees will also apply to other types of tickets, while pensioners and disabled visitors will continue to pay the same price of 150 crowns, and seniors over 70 years old will pay a symbolic one crown. The last time the zoo raised prices was in 2020.

The councilors will probably discuss the document as an information print on Tuesday after Easter. The changes should take effect after the city leadership takes note of them. The increase will be minor for e-tickets to motivate people to buy them.

“Given the extreme increase in the cost of living and energy in recent months, adjusting the admission prices is a logical consequence of these external factors,” said Deputy Mayor Jana Komrsková (Pirates).

Zoo director Miroslav Bobek also expressed a similar view. “We prepared the adjustment of the admission prices to Prague Zoo for a long time, thoughtfully and as sensitively as possible. Given the rise in energy and other commodity prices, it is now essential; it was, after all, considered some time ago,” he said.

The price increase will also apply to family admission for two adults and up to four children, which currently costs 800 crowns and will now cost 1,000 crowns at the box office and 850 crowns online. Dog owners will pay 150 crowns for their dogs on-site and online, more than the previous 100 crowns.

The annual passes with 12 entries will also undergo significant increases. For adults, it will increase from 1,000 to 1,800 crowns. For children, it will increase from 600 to 900 crowns, pensioners from 450 to 600 crowns, and for families from 2,500 to 4,000 crowns.

Nearly 1.42 million visitors came to Prague Zoo last year, only slightly less than in the previous pre-Covid year of 2019, when 1.46 million people visited. The garden opened to visitors for the first time on September 28, 1931. It currently houses 685 species of animals and is one of the most visited places in Prague.