PRE will dramatically increase the price of energy

Petr Horník

Prague Energy (PRE) will increase the price of electricity by a quarter on average from April. Gas prices will rise by 30% in May as well. The supplier announced this in a press release on Friday. It cited persistently high energy prices in the wholesale market as the reason.

PRE last changed prices in September last year, before the energy crisis broke out. Unlike other suppliers, it did not have to increase costs during the winter season.

Almost three-quarters of PRE’s customers live in urban apartments and use a single tariff for their electricity consumption. For these customers, the monthly payment price will increase between CZK 50 and CZK 250, depending on the product used and the nature of consumption. For customers who use electricity to heat water, the price will increase by CZK 100 to 400 per month, depending on the nature of the product and the amount of consumption.

Clients who have a fixed price in their contract are not affected by the changes. “The change will also not affect customers who are served by PRE under the Supplier of Last Resort (DPI) and take their electricity under DPI, as well as those who have already switched from DPI to the standard PRE current start product,” the supplier said.

It will make gas even more expensive for customers. Most clients will be around CZK 100 to 300 more per month if they only use gas for cooking. There will be an increase of 250 to 750 crowns a month with heating.