Monday’s school testing detected 15,413 cases

Monday’s school testing revealed 13,595 confirmed cases among pupils and 1,818 among school staff. The health ministry announced on Friday that the epidemic is already declining in some categories compared to the previous testing.

“The spread in different age groups of pupils and among teachers is not synchronous, and the results also reflect significant differences between regions. However, the number of interceptions is still very high,” said Ondřej Jakob, spokesman for the ministry.

In the case of pupils, the incidence rate per 100,000 tested was 1,316 confirmed infections and 1,095 for teachers and staff.

“Consistent with the population test results, the largest decreases in the epidemic are seen in Prague. In the Prague population, the spread of the omicron variant occurred earlier than in other regions, and tests in schools now confirm the already emerging decline in the number of cases, ” the ministry added.

The last testing in schools is expected to take place on February 18.