Primary schools around the country will reopen on May 10th.

  • Schools officially closed March 1
  • Elementary schools will reopen May 10
  • Secondary school will reopen May 17 at the earliest.

After a cabinet meeting today, the Czech government agreed that elementary schools would reopen in the rotation system for upper grades around the country as of May 10. Education Minister Robert Plaga (for ANO) announced this after the meeting.

Czech schools officially closed on March 1, the majority of them had already moved to online learning.

As of May 10, the government has also agreed to renew practical lessons for all university students. Practical lessons are currently only allowed for medical and pharmaceutical students, as well as students from other fields who will finish their studies this year.

Secondary school students can return to class as early as May 17 at the earliest. It would be allowed if there were up to 75 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in a given area in the previous week, according to Plaga.