Most Czechs mistrust President Zeman

According to the new poll released by NMS Market Research, the majority of Czech people do not trust President Milos Zeman, with 45 percent saying they mistrust him and 18 percent saying they rather mistrust him.

The poll showed that only 10% of Czechs trust Zeman. Just 22% of respondents thought Zeman protected Czech interests in the Vrbetice case, while twice as many (45%) said he seemed to defend Russian interests.

The majority of people (51%) disagree with the president’s assessment that the role of Russian intelligence agents in the fatal explosion at the Vrbetice ammunition depot in south Moravia in 2014 was not adequately proven. Twenty-eight percent of those polled agree with Zeman, while the rest are unsure.

The poll was carried out among 565 respondents on April 28.