Prime Minister Fiala’s briefing after the NATO summit


On Friday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) will address a press briefing after the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) countries. Prime Minister Fiala and President Miloš Zeman will attend the videoconference of NATO leaders on behalf of the Czech Republic.

The summit was held in response to the incursion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Fighting is taking place across the country, with troops closing in on the capital, Kyiv.

“Expressions of support and solidarity are not enough. The situation is critical. The world still thinks we have to wait for things to worsen. Ukraine is bleeding. We must act now,” Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebyjnis appealed to the West on Friday.

Ukraine, he said, needs mainly weapons and fuel from the West. Fiala said before the talks that he had instructed the minister of industry and trade to provide fuel.

Defence Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) said that on Thursday, she had received a new list of demands for aid to Ukraine from the Ukrainian ambassador. She handed it over to her colleagues at a meeting of the defense ministry’s crisis staff, and the defense ministry is now reviewing it. The minister expects to present a proposal to the next cabinet, but she did not specify its form.