Putin will lose the war, Lipavský said


On Friday, Czech diplomatic chief Jan Lipavský (Pirates) told senators that Russian President Vladimir Putin would lose the war against Ukraine, which he has senselessly unleashed. Ukraine’s ambassador to the Senate, Yevhen Perebyjnis, warned that expressions of support were not enough and called for Europe to wake up from its lethargy and start helping the bleeding country immediately.

“I am convinced that Putin will lose the war he has senselessly started,” Lipavský said. The reason for this, he said, is the united stance of Western states.

According to the minister, Russia’s leadership will face the consequences of its actions. “The bombing of the country, including Kyiv, continued overnight today. President Putin has decided on war, chaos, and suffering, not only for the people of Ukraine but also for his people,” he said in the upper house.

Other ministers and the Ukrainian ambassador also spoke before the senators. He urged more decisive action. “Europe must start helping immediately and wake up from its lethargy,” he stressed.

Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, was also bombed on Friday night, with gunfire reported there. “The Ukrainian army is bravely holding its defenses, but the forces are getting closer and closer. Hundreds of Russian soldiers, tanks, planes, and helicopters have been destroyed. We are also bearing losses, even among civilians. In the fighting yesterday, 136 soldiers were killed, and at least 316 were wounded, “he announced.

He said Ukraine’s immediate needs are weapons and fuel.