Repair of Prague’s Barrandov Bridge will begin on 16 May

Milan Malíček

The reconstruction of Prague’s Barrandov Bridge will begin on Monday, May 16. Two days earlier, road workers will start marking detours and traffic restrictions.

The first phase of the work on Prague’s key traffic construction will last 110 days and will be carried out for the city by Porr for CZK 594.5 million. The total reconstruction of the bridge will take several years.

The repair of the southern bridge deck will start first in mid-May, and the ramp from Strakonická will be replaced simultaneously. Drivers will have to take detour routes, and traffic will also be partially restricted on the bridge. The bridge is part of the city’s ring road, and about 140,000 cars cross it every day.

Therefore, the work is spread over several years, and the traffic restrictions will only apply for part of the year. The first part of the junction was opened in 1983, and the bridge has not yet been completely repaired. Last year, the lower part, including the piers, was restored, and the work did not require any restrictions on the bridge.

Drivers going from Strakonická to the eastern outskirts of Prague, for example, should use the outer ring road. The ramp at Lihovar will be primarily used by drivers going to Krč and the surrounding area. In connection with the turning at Lihovar, the number of lanes on Strakonická in the direction of the center will be reduced from two to one.

Changes will also affect public transport. According to an earlier statement by the Technical Administration of Communications (TSK), tram lines 2 and 21 will be reinforced, and the trams on Zlíchov or Palacký Bridge will have increased capacity. Bus lines 125, 170, and 196 will be modified.