Rules for after-school clubs and outdoor schools will be relaxed

Pupils and students from the same class or group would no longer have to prove they are free of infection when going to an outdoor school or visiting a zoo, theatre, or after-school club together. The draft emergency measure, which has already passed the Government’s legislative council, will be discussed by the Cabinet today. If there are any changes to the text, it will be a matter of form. 

The Health Ministry justifies the proposed relaxation with the relatively stable development of the epidemic and the results of the completed testing in schools.

Thus, participants in clubs and other leisure activities for groups of more than 20 children will not have to provide proof of a negative test for covid, of completed vaccination, or of having contracted the disease, “as long as it is a regular activity in an unchanging collective,” including their escorts.

Children and students from the same class will also not have to be tested or provide proof of vaccination when staying together in a hotel or other recreational facility during the outdoor school.

When visiting zoological or botanical gardens, galleries, castles, fairs, concerts, theatres, sports matches, festivals, or pilgrimages, the same conditions should apply to them.

The free tests will remain

Four free antigens and two free PCR tests per month will be available in October, perhaps longer, Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) said. 

He said the tests should remain paid for if the epidemic grows worse. Health insurers are paying about two billion crowns a month for the tests.