Safari Park Dvůr Králové opened the “Hippo Lake”

One of the most appealing displays at the Dvur Kralove Safari Park, a new lake with hippos, debuted on Friday (June 4th).

Hippos who returned to Dvur Kralove five years ago after a 14-year absence gave birth to cubs in their new home, much as they did in their native Africa. The safari park is also home to pelicans, blue-winged geese, king cranes, and antelopes.

With 2,500 animals, the Zoological Garden in Dvor Kralove is Europe’s largest breeder of African species. It is noted for its rich history and for having the world’s largest population of black rhinos born in captivity and kept in zoos. In the local safari park, 46 cubs of this uncommon African subspecies have already been born.

The Czech Republic participates actively in international projects for the artificial repatriation of members of this species to their historical homeland. They have been extraordinarily successfull in breeding these creatures, which are on the verge of extinction.