Schools Return to Full-Time Teaching on Monday

In schools, the regime of anti-covid measures will further be reduced on Monday. The rest of the primary schools will return to full-time teaching. In-class education will also be restored in universities.

The first grade of elementary schools returned to full-time teaching on May, 17th. The second grade is taught fully in Prague and six other regions where the epidemic situation has been better in the past weeks. According to the Ministry of Education’s statistics, there are 214,381 children in the second grade. The primary schools in the Czech Republic have approximately 962,000 students. 

According to the government regulation, it will also be possible for univerisities to return to regular operation, but university representatives do not anticipate any interest in the return of students in the last few weeks. Rectors hope that students will be able to meet in the fall semester in a normal teaching mode.

Antigenic tests will be performed once a week in primary and secondary schools, and PCR tests will be performed every two weeks.