Services and Restaurant Terraces Will be Subject to New Regulations

The government revised testing guidelines, extended the post-coronavirus deadline, and changed entry requirements for restaurants and hairdressers on Friday (May 21th). People who were vaccinated by the first dose are not required to be tested for visiting public places. But how can it be confirmed that anyone has been vaccinated or was already recovered from COVID-19?

The protection period against the corona virus has been extended from 90 to 180 days, according to Health Minister Petr Arenberger. People also have enough antibodies in six months after contracting COVID-19. People with a certificate stating that they were sick 90 days ago no longer need PCR or Antigen tests when going to work, school, services, or public places. Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, and Croatia are among the countries that have already agreed to extend immunity to 180 days.

A therapist should confirm that an individual has been exposed to COVID-19. The simplest method is to contact your healthcare provider and request a confirmation. Patients should be mindful that medical professionals charge variable fees. However, it should be about 100 CZK. It’s possible that an SMS confirmation is insufficient. The second choice is to obtain a certificate from a hygiene station, but this is only possible if the individual has submitted their data for a hygiene test.

Rules regarding the protection period, during which people without tests can go to a restaurant or hairdressers, may also be changed in accordance with vaccination procedure. The first dose will protect against illness to some extent. From May 24th, it will be possible to use the first dose and after three weeks, the vaccination will be considered equivalent to the PCR or Antigen test. Each vaccinated individual must obtain a certificate from the medical staff or a therapist as soon as possible after vaccination. The second choice is to use the Citizen Vaccination Portal, fill out the information, and print the certificate.