Several students of Kladruby local school went to the hospital after contact with a dangerous chemical

Foto: Policie ČR

Police officers are investigating an apparent leak of a dangerous chemical in Kladruby nad Labem, Pardubice Region. On Friday morning, an ambulance took several students who became sick in the changing rooms of the local school.

The rescue system went to the Kladruby school building shortly after 9 am. “We received a notification of a probable leak of a dangerous substance. Several students became nauseous in the changing rooms, “police spokeswoman Andrea Muzikantová said.”

Paramedics from the scene took seven students to the hospital for examinations. What caused their health problems is under investigation. Workers from the Institute of Population Protection from Lázně Bohdaneč are also on their way to the scene, “the spokeswoman added.