Shop In Olomouc Blocks Vaccinated Visitors From Entering

Zuzana Michálková, the owner of a children’s products business near Olomouc’s center, posted two notices banning those who received mRNA vaccinations against a new strain of coronavirus from entering. She does this because she is concerned about her customers and her health. She claims that vaccinations increase the likelihood of illness transmission from people who don’t have any signs of disease. 

Furthermore, Michálková stated that the safety of mRNA vaccination was not demonstrated scientifically. She is concerned about the possibility of vaccination particles being transmitted to unvaccinated clients, particularly pregnant women. Because of potential discrimination against customers, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) has already begun investigating the case.

On a stand near the shop’s entrance, signs with the wording “No enter to vaccinated people with mRNA vaccines,” a picture of a poster with STOP and a crossed-out syringe are displayed. The ban was imposed “to protect the health of pregnant women and unborn children, staff, and management.”

On Wednesday, the CTIA examined the children’s items for business and took photographs. “According to the CTIA’s legal judgment, such action could be discriminatory,” said CTIA spokesman Jiří Fröhlich, who added that the inspectorate would continue to investigate the situation. “In general, I can state that a violation of the anti-discrimination statute can result in a punishment of up to CZK 3 million,” Fröhlich added. 

A similar situation was recently reported in the media in Bratislava’s downtown area, where the owner of a gallery and philatelic business refused to admit anyone who had been vaccinated against the new coronavirus since they could be symptomless carriers.