CZECH APOCALYPSE: 75 000 Households Without Power, the Majority Are in South Moravia


After the storm on Thursday, more than 75,000 residences in the Czech Republic were without power. Southern Moravia is in worse shape, as the storm has caused the most damage. Over 40 000 clients in the Hodonín, Breclav, and Vyškov areas are without power. 

EG.D power engineers discovered 42 problems on high-voltage lines this morning over their entire distribution jurisdiction, including the Olomouc and Zlín districts and South Moravia. ČEZ has 11 high-voltage line faults in the communities of Vsetín, Frýdek-Místek, Karviná, and Prague-West districts.  

Since Thursday evening, when the tornado ripped across the area, the Hodonín and Breclav regions have been without power, according to Šperňák, a spokesman for the E.ON group company, EG.D.

Power outages in the Vyškov region exacerbated the storm’s aftermath. Trees falling into electricity lines are the most common cause of outages, and in some cases, high winds have torn down the cables themselves, which is unusual, according to Šperňák. 

Power engineers are striving to restore power as soon as possible, according to Šperňák, but a specific timeframe for restoration can not be given. ČEZ anticipates the power supply will be restored this morning, according to Holingerová, the ČEZ spokesperson.