There Is A Labor Shortage In Restaurants

A few years ago, there were some highly appealing careers with above-average pay. On the other hand, the pandemic has driven people to escape gastronomy rather than flock to it. Restaurant owners and operators are having a hard time finding staff.

During the pandemic’s worst waves, people found more stable work elsewhere. ” We’re looking for people and doing everything we can to find them, according to Zemanová, the owner of a small restaurant in Smíchov.

“We’re currently missing a tenth of the population or 10% of the market. That is to say, each restaurant needs more workers, and everyone is on the lookout”, explains Luboš Kastner, a member of the board of directors of the Czech Republic’s Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Tradesmen. 

Working outside the restaurant is more comfortable for chefs.

Former waiters and chefs are not returning to gastronomy, according to Ondřej Slanina, a well-known chef, because working in another area is more pleasant for them. “People in gastronomy and various services, in general, understand that you can do other jobs for a little less money, but with more peace of mind, because the work is highly stressful and taxing physically and emotionally,” Slanina explains. 

It’s possible, though, that following the coronavirus pandemic, such behaviors will change. Restaurant owners may realize that a happy employee means better service. “The fact that there is money to be earned in the restaurant business is one of the magnets for getting back into it. The industry will be of far higher quality than it was previously. “It’s now a battle for quality, a battle for the customer experience, and I believe it’s something that all employees should enjoy,” Kastner said.