The Czech Republic, Who Is Now Amongst the Best in Europe, Recorded 190 Covid Infections on Thursday

According to the number of coronavirus infections in the last 14 days, the worst situation among the EU countries is now in Denmark. It has 215 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and was fifth a week ago with 239 cases. The Netherlands remains the second most affected country with 204 cases per 100 000, down from 278 a week ago. Latvia is again third (203 cases, compared with 268 a week ago).

The seven-day incidence rate per 100 000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic has fallen below 16. Among the districts, the situation remains worst in the Český Krumlov region, where the number of infections per 100 000 inhabitants over the last week is 64.

Daily infections have been gradually decreasing since the beginning of March this year when they reached almost 17 000 in the Czech Republic. They are now at the level of mid-August last year on weekdays.

Similarly, the number of deaths with confirmed infection is also declining. For about two weeks, the daily number of deaths with covid-19 has been below ten, while in March up to around two hundred people died per day. The Czech Republic now ranks 16th among European Union countries with 13 deaths per million inhabitants in two weeks.

Vaccination of foreigners and uninsured

People who do not have public health insurance in the Czech Republic or the European Union and who are long-term residents of the Czech Republic can register for the coronavirus vaccination in the Czech Republic from Friday. This also applies to foreigners living in the Czech Republic. The booking system will offer them vaccination places where there will also be staff speaking a foreign language.

People without health insurance will be vaccinated from Pfizer/BioNTech. They will pay for the vaccine and its administration themselves, the price will not exceed CZK 850. Those interested can register through the Central Registration System, where a separate registration form is available, at

There will be at least one vaccination site in each region for groups of residents. In Prague, there will be six, including the O2 Universum large capacity centre. Most of the sites in the regions are ready to open vaccination dates immediately, while the Prague centres will announce them in the second half of June.