Should We Start Panicking? The Delta Variant of Coronavirus Enters Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, a severe delta variant of the coronavirus may be spreading. However, the government is going to relax measures and abolish mandatory respirators.

So far, laboratories in the Czech Republic have picked up 30 cases of the delta variant of the coronavirus. According to the latest data from the State Institute of Health (SZU), there are six regions.

Although reports from abroad are far from being good, Czech Republic is planning on relaxing the epidemic regime anyway. Universal testing will end, and respirators in public transport will probably be replaced by face masks.

“I would say the delta will prevail here in October or maybe as early as September. But it may not be anything major, if we are really vaccinated,” says Ruth Tachezy, a virologist and member of the MeSES expert group, in an interview with Seznam News.

“In MeSES, it was also discussed whether to replace respirators with masks indoors and it is true that it was about half and half as to whether it was respirators or masks. But in any case, there should still be something in indoor spaces and public transport areas where people congregate”, says Ruth Tachezy.